Monday, 4 August 2014

10 Best Programmer Movies to Watch for Computer Programming Geeks

First of all, let me ask you some questions to you!

Are you a computer programmer?
Do you want to be a programmer?
Do you like techno savvy movies?

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If answer of any above given answer is yes then this post is exclusively for you. Check it out list of below given Programmer movies. These movies are highly inspiring for those who consider themselves as computer programming geeks.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Programming Languages Used By Major & Famous Websites

Have you ever wondered that how such big websites like Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc. were created? These all sites are dynamic and almost all sites are created using MVC approach. I am not going to write 800-1000 words to describe that how these popular websites were developed.

I will just share programming languages which were used to create most famous websites of world. Since their development follows MVC approach, It involves server side coding, client side coding and database technology.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Some of the Best Chuck Norris "Programmer" Jokes

Many types of chuck norris jokes were there on internet where people associate him with unusual things to form a joke. Today i am going to share some of the best chuck norris programmer jokes. For some time, Imagine chuck norris as a programmer. He can do many wonders with programming.

Find out what things "Programmer Chuck Norris" could do while programming. Please don't expect these things from normal programmers:

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Disclaimer: Kindly note below given stuff is already shared on some of the social media sites and these are not my personal views. It is shared just for fun & information.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Best CakePHP Plugins for Shopping Cart

When developing, we are unaware about the best plugins to incorporate. Save your time on trial and error process. CakePHP becomes popular choice for developing shopping cart websites. You can use these CakePHP plugins while developing shopping cart websites without much trouble.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

4 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers & Programmers

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is that it has lots of plugins to fulfill any type of function. WordPress development community also have many great plugins for developers & programmers that make their work quite easy.

Out of these plugins, I want to share some of the best WordPress plugins for developers, Let's take a look of these plugins one by one:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Everything You Need to Know About "Quixey - The Search Engine For Apps"

Have you tried to find out that how many apps are there on apple app store & google play store?, There are millions of apps & games on such platforms so sometimes it is not easy to find desired app or game for your device.

But Now you don't need to worry about that. You can try "Quixey" which calls itself search engine for apps. Using quixey you can find apps for Android, iOS, Windows & Blackberry devices.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Best Jokes & Memes on Internet Explorer: A Web Browser You Loved to Hate

I do know that no one like to use Internet Explorer which is automatically installed on every windows machine. It is not possible to uninstall it from your PC but you can download other browsers using it and throw it away in one corner by not letting use it again for browsing purpose. So far best possible reasons for hate about IE are its speed & performance.

Web is full of jokes & memes about Internet Explorer. In this blog post i want to present some of best jokes & memes on IE.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Man Rejected for USA Visa is now on his Way to Become PM of Biggest Democracy of the World

Image Credit: BBC

Do you know, Which Indian politician is there in above picture with his upper hand?

He is none another than Mr.Narendra Modi, Current Chief Minister of Gujarat State in India(and Future Prime Minister of India). Sometimes back USA embassy rejected his visiting visa. Now in today's poll results of Indian assembly elections his party BJP is all set to register historical win.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Best & Famous Programming Memes That You Can't Afford to Miss Out

Programmers have great minds which create amazing things like softwares, mobile applications, games and many more. They may also face some issues while dealing with code of particular programming language. Based on that many jokes were made and published in social media sites. Today i want to share some of great such jokes in terms of memes so it would be easy for you to understand the things.

Disclaimer: Kindly note below given stuff is already shared on some of the social media sites and these are not my personal views. It is shared just for fun & information.

Now Enjoy Some Memes from Programming Geek's World !

1) Difference Between Gamers & Programmers Keyboard

Friday, 21 February 2014

Best Online Programming Competitions to Explore Your Coding Skills

Do you want to explore your programming abilities? Do you want to show your coding skills on global platform then check it out list of best 5 online programming competitions which are organized by world's top technology companies like Google, Facebook & Microsoft.

Many Programming geeks from all over world take part in these contests. In most of the competitions you can choose technology , platform or programming language of your choice to solve problems, Winner of these competitions is rewarded by thousands of dollars. (Wow many $$$$$$! I hope i could take part in it but i don't have efficient coding skills in any languages)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 Websites to Learn PHP Programming Online for Free

PHP is most popular scripting language now a days. Many famous web applications are built in PHP like facebook, Zynga and many more, PHP programming is easy to learn. There are lots of online resources available from which you can learn PHP, i have filtered top 10 websites to learn PHP programming online for free, check it out these websites in detail:

 10 Websites to Learn PHP Programming


1. PHP Manual: (Website)

2 Learn PHP by Tizag: (Website)

3. PHP Tutorial by W3Schools:(Website)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Best Ten ASP.Net Books for Beginners to Learn ASP.Net Programming

Today while i am browsing the web for my next post, at that time i found one post from Safari Books Online's Blog (I am not affiliated with this site but i would like to tell that i found this site one of the best resource to buy or read books online). In which list of best ten ASP.Net books is given. Post is published on Dec-5, 2011 so first i thought that these books might not be good resource for beginners who want to learn ASP.Net. After that i observed some of the sites having different different top lists of books but i do find that these books(which are listed on safari books online's blog) can be good resource to learn for beginners in 2014 also.

Friday, 24 January 2014

PHP Vs. ASP.Net: Race Between Scripting & Programming Language

Today, I would like to welcome to the race between two most popular languages. These are - PHP, the popular scripting language on the internet and ASP.Net, which is developed by Microsoft itself. 


Which language is ahead in race of most important features like cost, scalability, performance, support, availability of tools and editors, ease of learning & language popularity. What is the future of these two languages? Here is the comparison in detail:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

15 Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers and Designers

Which is your favorite web browser?, I know there are many different answers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc..(Don't say Internet Explorer please!). Title of this post can give essence that today I am going to write about Chrome extensions. Therefore this post is for them whose favorite web browser is Google Chrome. I hope chrome will be in your favorite list too for the people who are not using chrome after reading this post.

I personally recommend to use Google Chrome as it's fast, easy to use, reliable & secure(example: Incognito Window) and of course it has its own web-store.

As a programmer or web-designer, most of people spend lots of time on chrome daily but many of them don't know how to use extensions along with it. Extensions make your work more smoother and you can take advantage of chrome completely by using custom tools.

Friday, 17 January 2014

PHP Frameworks to be Ruled in 2014

PHP frameworks are always on-demand to create innovative web applications.

From the recent survey, we concluded that top 5 PHP frameworks in 2013 were: Laravel, Phalcon,Symfony2, Yii and CodeIgniter.

Considering the current trend, following are expected in list of top PHP frameworks in 2014: 
Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2, Yii, Zend, CakePHP CodeIgniter, Flight, Medoo, PHPixie, Kohana, Pop PHP.