Wednesday, 22 January 2014

15 Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers and Designers

Which is your favorite web browser?, I know there are many different answers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc..(Don't say Internet Explorer please!). Title of this post can give essence that today I am going to write about Chrome extensions. Therefore this post is for them whose favorite web browser is Google Chrome. I hope chrome will be in your favorite list too for the people who are not using chrome after reading this post.

I personally recommend to use Google Chrome as it's fast, easy to use, reliable & secure(example: Incognito Window) and of course it has its own web-store.

As a programmer or web-designer, most of people spend lots of time on chrome daily but many of them don't know how to use extensions along with it. Extensions make your work more smoother and you can take advantage of chrome completely by using custom tools.

Chrome store consists of lots of free extensions(you read it correct 'Free') that will increase your productivity & improve your workflow. Today, I am going to introduce some of best extensions. If you like these extensions then just download it from chrome web store & get more information about them.

1) FireBug Lite
2) WhatFont
3) Chrome Sniffer
4) Code Cola
5) ColorZilla
6) Tape
7) Resolution Test
8) Speed Tracer
9) Lorem Ipsum Generator
10) Internet Explorer Tab
11) Alexa Traffic Rank
12) Microstock Photo Power Search Tool
13) Palette for Chrome
14) TooManyTabs
15) PlainClothes


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