Friday, 24 January 2014

PHP Vs. ASP.Net: Race Between Scripting & Programming Language

Today, I would like to welcome to the race between two most popular languages. These are - PHP, the popular scripting language on the internet and ASP.Net, which is developed by Microsoft itself. 


Which language is ahead in race of most important features like cost, scalability, performance, support, availability of tools and editors, ease of learning & language popularity. What is the future of these two languages? Here is the comparison in detail:


Undoubtedly, as PHP is open-source, it is free & ASP.Net is microsoft's product so there are certain cost associated with ASP.Net development like like buying windows machine, buying windows hosting, buying visual studio if you want to use upgraded features of ASP.Net

As a fresher in ASP.Net development, you don't need to worry about costs but once you upgrade to the professional stage, you will need Visual Studio and other resources, which can cost you about some dollars.
While PHP is absolutely free which can run on Linux web hosting as well on Windows web hosting & also on Mac & Linux machine, it is also supported by a number of free and paid IDEs.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Cost without any Guesses: PHP


If you talk about scalability then both are highly scalable, for example you can consider Facebook & Myspace, facebook is developed in PHP which is getting billions of traffic everyday and on other end Myspace is developed in ASP.Net.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Scalability: Tie


Performance of any web application depends on many factors like database, server on which application is hosted, OS & file system used on server.

Out of which database doesn't make any noticeable performance difference between php & but if we talk about other two factors, Most of PHP Web applications run on linux server having ext4 file system while most of web applications run on windows server having NTFS file system, it is proven in various tests that linux and ext4 file system have better I/O performance than windows and the NTFS file system.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Performance: PHP


You can find out open source developer community from there you can get any type of help regarding PHP development, for ASP.Net you can find out developer boards which are run by ASP.Net enthusiasts.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Support: PHP

Availability of Tools and Editors:

In PHP, Many PHP developers prefer to use simple text editors like VIM and Notepad++ instead of a full-fledged IDE and you can find solid support for PHP in free editors like Eclipse.

ASP.NET is also supported by most IDEs but is mostly used with Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft VS is one of the most powerful, feature-rich and flexible IDEs around, even though it is not free.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Availability of Tools & Editors: Tie

Ease of Learning:

ASP.NET is written in C# (pronounced C ‘Sharp’). C# is built on C which can be difficult to learn for most beginners because of its syntax as sometime it is difficult to read even for experienced developers. Beginners in coding would find ASP.NET harder then PHP.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Ease of Learning: PHP

Language Popularity:

According to the TIOBE Language Index, PHP ranks onto 6th most popular language online. ASP.NET, on the other hand, doesn’t even show-up in the top 20.

So winner of PHP vs. ASP.Net race in Language Popularity: PHP

Final Verdict:

As you can see in most of races, PHP is winner, PHP can do every thing that ASP.Net can but main advantage is that you can do the things free in PHP. Hence, right now PHP is very ahead in race with ASP.Net.

What you think, which language will rule in Future, ASP.Net or PHP?, let me know in comments below!


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  1. Suport: Both languages have lots of free support everywhere. I wold consider a tie.

    Easy of Learning: I thing it´s wrong too. Both of them are simple to learn, and also there is wich is very easy to learn. I choose wins.

    this is not a fair race

    1. Thanks for your feedback...i am not saying that you are wrong but ASP.Net is not as much easy compare to PHP and if we talk about support as PHP is open source you can get any type of support easily, i am agree with you that for ASP.Net also has lots of support, it is fair race in which PHP is quite ahead in some factors that doesn't mean ASP.Net is lacking in that factor, it means it lacks in some factors in comparison of PHP.

  2. By the way ASP.NET is not a language, its a package or platform for number of languages including C#, F# and VB.

    I consider this comparison as technology comparison u can say it LAMP stack vs .NET stack or platform.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing best differences between the two languages.I would suggest one importance between them.That is Scalability and Ease of Maintenance.Scalability and ease of maintenance have nothing to do with whether you select PHP or platform. Web Application scalability and ease of maintenance primarily depend on: Programmers' experience,Using the best programming practices,Using a solid programming framework,Following programming guidelines and hosting in the future most demand-able from my point of view.