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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Best Ten ASP.Net Books for Beginners to Learn ASP.Net Programming

Today while i am browsing the web for my next post, at that time i found one post from Safari Books Online's Blog (I am not affiliated with this site but i would like to tell that i found this site one of the best resource to buy or read books online). In which list of best ten ASP.Net books is given. Post is published on Dec-5, 2011 so first i thought that these books might not be good resource for beginners who want to learn ASP.Net. After that i observed some of the sites having different different top lists of books but i do find that these books(which are listed on safari books online's blog) can be good resource to learn for beginners in 2014 also.

Friday, 24 January 2014

PHP Vs. ASP.Net: Race Between Scripting & Programming Language

Today, I would like to welcome to the race between two most popular languages. These are - PHP, the popular scripting language on the internet and ASP.Net, which is developed by Microsoft itself. 


Which language is ahead in race of most important features like cost, scalability, performance, support, availability of tools and editors, ease of learning & language popularity. What is the future of these two languages? Here is the comparison in detail: