Saturday, 21 June 2014

4 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers & Programmers

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is that it has lots of plugins to fulfill any type of function. WordPress development community also have many great plugins for developers & programmers that make their work quite easy.

Out of these plugins, I want to share some of the best WordPress plugins for developers, Let's take a look of these plugins one by one:

1) Preserve Code Formatting:

It is so far best plugin to display code snippets in WordPress. Displaying code snippets is always quite tough task because of entities and WordPress formatting, This plugin makes it very easy.

Download: Preserve Code Formatting

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2) SQL Executionner:

When you were working with a database-driven website, You need to closely with database's tables, execute some queries & update or delete any information. SQL Executionner could do these tasks perfectly without using another software like PhpMyAdmin.

Download: SQL Executionner

3) WP Development Utilities:

After installing it, developer can find & debug WordPress themes or plugins by using full set of functions. You can find number of things using WP Development Utilities like user capabilities, web server name, get the ID of a permalink and many others.

Download: WP Development Utilities

4) WordPress Console: 

WordPress Console is a must have plugin for any beginner WordPress developer. It loads WordPress environment so developer can easily test any type of PHP code.

Download: WordPress Console

Apart from above given four plugins, there are many other WordPress plugins available for developers which are:

  • WP Advanced Code Editor
  • runPHP
  • Vim Color Improved
  • Google Syntax Highlighter
  • WP Developer Assistant
  • Hosting monitor

Above given six plugins has not updated in over 2 years.  They may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress so you can use them at your own risk.


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