Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Best CakePHP Plugins for Shopping Cart

When developing, we are unaware about the best plugins to incorporate. Save your time on trial and error process. CakePHP becomes popular choice for developing shopping cart websites. You can use these CakePHP plugins while developing shopping cart websites without much trouble.

1. CakeCart

CakeCart is developed with CakePHP framework and used for shopping cart websites. It is available in pre-alpha stage in order to provide the experience over it. When building an eCommerce website, you would be easily able to customize with CakeCart. Integration of support plugins like PayPal and google checkout will be added soon while as of now it has authorise.net support.

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2. CakePHP-Cart

CakePHP-Cart is to provide solution to the defects available compared to all other shopping carts in CakePHP. It may not be the best shopping cart, but it provides more functions through which developers can customize and develop a shopping cart application as they want it.

3. BakeSale Shopping cart

BakeSale Shopping cart is developed using an MVC framework of CakePHP. The library of jQuery & JavaScript is used in for AJAX and its effects. The developer is able to add any other functionality to Bakescale with this plug-in. It has a layout of CSS with XTML markup.

4. Kaching-php

A CakePHP plugin built to provide customization features while developing an Online store. It was invented during the process of developing pre-built shopping cart systems, where developers faced lots of difficulty. This is not used for all purpose as only online store developers are aware about its usage.

5. VaM Cart

VaM cart is a fastest developing shopping cart based on CakePHP. It is very easy to use starting from its installation process. It has a unique feature with which you can have limitless amount of product and categories.

General features observed in above given shopping cart plugins :
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Product Comparison
  • One Page Checkout System
  • Multiple Store Facility
  • Adjustment with Shipping, Taxes etc
  • Online Store Maintenance & Tech Support
  • User Friendly Admin Interface
  • Convert Discount Coupons
  • Guest Checkout option
  • Multiple Languages
  • Currencies Support
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart
Each businesses has different parameters to develop an online store or eCommerce website. With the help of CakePHP plugins one can have the eCommerce website as per their own requirement. Try it now!

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